Group Bookings Terms




1 -  Introduction

1.1 -  The following terms (“terms”) apply to all Group Bookings with The Duke of Marlborough Hotel (“we”, “our”, “us”).

1.2  -  These terms incorporate the “Duke Terms of Service” as if those terms and conditions were set out in full in this document.  Included in those terms and conditions is information on arrival/departure, reservation requirements, interest on overdue payments, limitations to our liability, responsibilities of all guests and other such matters.  The Terms of Service are available on our websites or by clicking on this link:Terms of Service.  If there is any conflict between the two documents, these terms have precedence.

1.3  -   “Group Booking(s)” means a single booking for at least 5 rooms reserved together for the same booking period, whether payment for the booking is to be made in one payment or each booked guest intends to pay separately.

1.4  -  “You/Your” means the person making the booking and the group they represent whether that is, without limitation, a tour operator or agency, a government agency, company, club, society or a group of individuals with no formal affiliation.  If you are making the booking on behalf of an organisation, you warrant that you have the appropriate authority to accept these terms and bind the organisation.  Where there is no formal affiliation, the person making the booking will be jointly and severally liable along with the actual guest for the booking.  It is the duty of the person making the booking to ensure that these terms are brought to the attention of staying guests.


2  -  Reservations


2.1  -  A Group Booking can be arranged by contacting the Hotel on [email protected].

2.2 -  We will use the information that you give us to establish an appropriate price offer.  Information we may consider relevant to establishing our price offer includes, without limitation, the timing and length of the intended stay, the addition of food and beverage and other services, the number and standard of rooms, and the number of guests.  The price offered to each Group Booking is entirely at our discretion.  Each Group Booking requires a separate approval process.

2.3  -  You accept these terms and the price offer by confirming the booking with us and paying a non-refundable bond and deposit of $1000.  The booking is not secured until we receive the bond/deposit.  The deposit is intended to be used as a down payment towards your final bill.  However, we may also use the payment as a bond towards any unanticipated cost we incur associated with your booking that is to be charged on top of your bill.

2.4  -  Any items not included in the price offer that are added during your stay, such as additional guests, meals, incidentals and tour bookings, will be charged at the rate applicable at the time of your stay and will be dependent upon availability and added at our discretion.

2.5  -  We are not be obliged to change the price offer due to changes in prices advertised on our website or on the website of a third party.

2.6  -  You cannot assign a Group Booking to another person or organization without our prior written consent.


3  -  Finalization of Booking Requirements


3.1  -  We must receive final notification of the required number and standard of rooms, number of guests, services, and the time and length of the booking in writing more than 30 days from your arrival date.  It is your responsibility to ensure we receive your final notification and in the absence of any communication within the required timeframe, we will assume that there are no changes to your booking.

3.2 -  If you make a Group Booking with less than 30 days’ notice you will be liable for the whole of the booking upon your first confirmation and payment of deposit.

3.3  -  Changes to your booking can be requested, but may result in an amendment to our price offer to you, which is entirely at our discretion.  If you do not wish to accept the revised offer you may cancel the booking as per clause 5 (cancellation).

3.4  -  We require a list of the full names of all staying guests and room configuration requirements in writing more than 15 days prior to your arrival date.

3.5  -  If you have booked any meals for guests or a group meal, we require notice of the catering and dietary requirements for these services in writing more than 7 days prior to your arrival date.


4  -  Payment


4.1  -  Refer to the Duke Terms of Service for all relevant payment terms.  You agree to pay for your booking in full immediately upon departure/receipt of our invoice.

4.2  -  Guests who check-in and pay separately within a Group Booking will be required to provide a credit card authorisation or refundable deposit as per our Terms of Service.

4.3  -  All payments must be paid without deduction and payment must not be withheld or deferred on account of any claim, counterclaim or setoff.


5  -  Cancellation


5.1  -  If you cancel a Group Booking more than 30 days from your arrival date, you will lose your deposit but will not have to pay for the booking.

5.2  -  If you cancel a Group Booking on or within 30 days of your arrival date, you will be charged in full for the entire booking, including accommodation, food and beverage and any other booked services.  Any decision to waive or reduce any of those charges will be at our sole discretion.

5.3  -  If you amend your Group Booking on or within 30 days of your arrival date with the effect that there is a partial cancellation or postponement, you will still be liable to pay the booking in full, including any cancelled portion.  If a partial cancellation results in less than 5 rooms booked together, we may decide to charge the rooms at the advertised rate at the time of the stay.


6  -  General


6.1  -  It is your responsibility to ensure that all staying guests are fully informed of the details of the Room/Unit Type reserved and to ensure you are familiar with the different room characteristics and accurately describe the room that is to be booked.

6.2  -  If a Group Booking is made for 10 or more rooms by a tour operator who has a driver or tour guide accompanying the group, the tour operator or driver will be entitled to stay free of charge in a room of our choosing.

6.3  -  It is possible that we may have to relocate you on your arrival, because mistakes can happen.  If we are unable to provide the room/unit booked, we will seek to provide a similar standard of room but cannot give any assurance that we will be able to do so.

6.4  -  If you have booked a meal as part of your Group Booking and arrive after the time of the dining reservation, we may not be able to accommodate your dining and you may still be charged.


What our customers say

To Ida, Ellie and The Duke, we would both like to say a huge thank you for making everything about our special day so easy and wonderful! From the hotel rooms, to the ballroom set up, to the friendly helpful staff, right down to the special touches in our bridal suite, everything was just perfect. I had no clue where to start planning this but Ida you made everything just so easy and fun. All of you at the Duke should be very proud that you can continuously run weddings so smoothly and in such a professional manner, every single one of our guests raved about how great the food and the service was. Russell is such a magical place to get married, we are so happy we chose such a beautiful location to share our day with our family and friends. We are looking forward to coming back on our anniversary, Ida we can't wait for our espresso martini catch up soon!

- David and Alison Walding 10th March 2018,

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