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A note on Masks and Signing in at our Restaurant

Please note that like all Restaurants and Bars we are facing Mandatory COVID Level 2 Requirements
The Duke has not made these rules and we certainly don’t like to enforce them
But please understand, we face either closure or a $12,000 fine for the non-compliance of our staff or guests
There are two basic requirements we regretfully ask of you:
Everyone needs to sign in
Masks must be worn unless you are seated at your table
Please do not yell at the Duke team, they have no ability to “opt out”.  This has been happening far to often to our staff
If you would like to yell at someone, please Anton direct on 021 98 31 31
If you would like to express your displeasure to the Local MP – please email:
[email protected]
We really hope you understand the position that we find ourselves in, and thank you again for your support


What our customers say

I can't say enough "thank you's" to you for your guidance, help and patience in the planning of Lauren & Toms wedding earlier this month. The wedding day was perfect in every respect from the start to the finish and many people commented what fabulous, well presented food they had at the reception. Even the weather came up trumps on the day as it was one of those beautiful hot sunny, windless days that we have in Northland, and everyone enjoyed the magnificent and stunning sun set from the deck of the Duke. Lauren lives in London so I had to do most of the planning on her behalf, however it was everything she wanted and with your assistance which was above and beyond what was expected, it made the organising so much easier. The Duke of Marlborough thoroughly deserves the reputation they have. Well done ! Once again the Duke did not disappoint us as this is the second wedding we have had there and both have exceeded our best expectations. Many thanks, Sallie

- Sallie Harnett for Lauren and Tom's wedding 11th February 2017,

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